The Arcofruits group is proud to present their latest range, soon on sale

Taste, health and environmental respect are our motto at Arcofruits. We have recently developed a new range of organic fruits; Fanny Bio, that will be on sale as of September 2014. It started with us meting one of the largest organic fruit producers in Spain. Based in Sierra-Huelva, this protected ecological estate of 350 hectares produces exclusively organically-produced fruit. The site is managed by experienced and passionate agricultural engineers and biologists that carry out only the very best farming practice methods:

  • The estate is totally isolated from any other production or habitation up to 40km, ensuring no outside risk of contamination,
  • The estate breeds its own farm of predator insects, specifically bred to biologically combat those that are harmful to the fruits,
  • An abundant and regular production throughout the whole entire season,
  • A solid and strong fusion of two companies with 25 years of experience in production, logistics, quality and traceability behind them that meets any requirements of the European market!